Railing Profiles

A profile is a cross section view that shows the contours of the milled wood. People select handrail profiles with attention to architectural style and stair component proportionality. Glen Rock Stairs offers all its handrail profiles – including custom profiles – in a variety of fine woods.

60102 1/4″ W x 2 3/8″ H 62102 5/8″ W x 2 3/8″ H 65102 5/8″ W x 2 3/8″ H
67102 5/8″ W x 2 3/4″ H 69102 5/8″ W x 2 3/8″ H  
Custom Handrail Profiles

Custom Handrail Profiles

Glen Rock Stairs has extensive experience designing custom profiles to meet a client’s specific requests as well as duplicating profiles of existing handrails in older or historic homes. Let’s discuss how our custom capabilities can help you realize your distinctive vision.