Kevin Frasco

I have had the pleasure of working with Glen Rock Stairs for over 30 years. First as a framing contractor working with Nick Veenstra Sr. having him give us the measurements for the platforms and radius for the stairs. Always professional, always accommodating.

Now Craig Custom Builders is a full service building company using Glen Rock Stair as our stair builders with a new generation of Veenstra’s. Their attention to detail, expert shop and installers are a testament to the hard work they have put into their business. Their professional attitude to the building business is a great compliment to any builder who uses them. No other shop compares to Glen Rock Stair for the quality of their products, expert installation and turnaround time.

We turn out a quality product, so we need quality people. Glen Rock Stair is quality people.

Kevin Frasco, President: Craig Custom Builders
Wayne, NJ