Jennifer & Adam Brisman

I wanted to thank you, Nick, and everyone at Glen Rock Stairs for the extraordinary job you all did in creating the new staircase that graces the front hall of my home and for the magical work you performed ‘refreshing’ the back hallway / rear staircase to coordinate.

First, let me thank you for being so competitive in terms of pricing.  As you know, I received three quotes for the job.  Not only was your quote the best, it was the most comprehensive.  It was also the most honorable quote in that you did as you said you would and, what you quoted verbally during the initial consultation, you then  committed to in writing without modification just days later.  Additionally, I know how challenging it was to design something to retrofit into the space and wall silhouette of my foyer.  You did this beautifully as well.  And, it was so fantastic the way you and your team allowed me to be intimately involved in the process, by collaborating with me to custom design the spindles and newel posts, and allowing me to be present when the wood was turned so that I could make modifications during that process.  Your designers were so patient with all of the various samples I desired and accommodating when I required additional changes once the staircase was installed.  The installation team was superb and very attentive to all of the special requests I made of them along the way.

Last, but not least, I really appreciate the way you stepped up to the plate most recently to help me address some challenges when some workmen I hired damaged a few areas of the staircase.  You certainly didn’t need to do this or help so quickly.  And you could have taken advantage of the situation financially but you didn’t either.  You were so honorable and, again, helpful.  I can’t tell you how much I thank you for this.  Seeing this damage was heartbreaking but knowing that you all were in my corner to help provide counsel, direction and the necessary replacement products I needed was comforting and most productive.

I don’t necessarily have any more staircases to be built within this home -:) but I do hope that I have the occasion to work with Glen Rock Stairs again.  Until then, I do hope that you will lean on me should you need any references or additional testimonials.

With the deepest gratitude,

Jennifer and Adam Brisman
Demarest, New Jersey Residents